5 Simple Steps To Lose Up to 10kg Without Exercise


In my article 5 Simple Steps Lose Weight Without Exercise, I talked about how healthy eating and exercise are the magic spell for successful weight loss. In todays post, I’m going to show you how eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water can help you lose weight without exercise.

You often hear you need to exercise to lose weight. It’s not entirely true. While exercising helps fasten the process and maximizes your weight loss, you don’t necessarily have to workout to lose weight. There are many other ways to lose weight and trim down.

In fact, many women can experience a drastic weight loss just by changing the way they eat. Yes! healthy dieting actually makes up about 80% of weight loss, and you can’t out train (exercise) a bad diet. In other words, no matter how much you workout and train hard, eating pizza everyday of the week will guarantee to ruin your hard work and stop your weight from coming off.

Again, bad eating habits will win the battle, not your workouts. To ensure and fail-proof your weight loss success is to clean up and improve your diet. This should be the first rule on any weight loss book. So if you haven’t already, go ahead and cut out junk foods, sugary empty calorie drinks and processed foods. Instead, start eating whole foods like fresh organic vegetables and fruits, before even attempting any exercise at all. There are also handful of other easy things you can do to lose more weight. Check out these top 5 on our list and be sure to add them to your daily life to see pounds and pounds of weight falling off.

Step 1: Healthy Dieting:

You can lose 10, 20 pounds (and many more if you wish) and slim down just by watching what you eat. Try to eat mainly fruits, veggies, lean proteins and healthy fats.

If you do this for 30 days straight, you can lose 5, 10, 15 pounds easy without ever joining a gym or putting a sports bra on. Slim women know this secret the best.

They know that fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy, balanced diet and can fill them up without loading high calories. Most whole fresh fruits and vegetables are low in calories and high in fiber which gives the feeling of satisfaction and fullness and balances the blood sugar.

They are also rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which support the body’s metabolic needs and boost the energy level. On the other hand, anytime you eat foods that are high in carbohydrate calories, your body naturally breaks them down into blood glucose also known as blood sugar, releasing insulin in the process, according to an Harvard School of Public Health article.

Insulin itself is not your enemy, but a spike in insulin level is something to watch out for and prevent. When your insulin level spikes, that’s when your body packs in any excess blood glucose and converts to body fat for storing.


When you eat certain foods that are predominantly rich in carbohydrates such as pasta, white flour and bread, they get converted in your body to blood glucose very quickly, causing an insulin spike. Another side effect of simple carbs is moodiness and feeling of fatigue and hunger.

The fullness you feel from eating carb rich food simply doesn’t last any more than 30-40 minutes. In less than an hour, you are back in your kitchen craving for more food to eat, making overeating a pattern and causing weight gains and difficulty losing weight. One way to avoid this insulin spike is to limit carbohydrates that are high in sugar and labeled as simple carbs such as cereals, pastry, noodles and breads.

Instead, eat whole vegetables and fruits to help your blood glucose level balanced and kept under control. Your body still converts whole foods into blood glucose but at a much slower pace over a longer period of time, helping you feel full longer and keep your insulin level in check. All in all, whole foods are the way to go to drop pounds.

Step 2: Drink Water:

Drinking water is a sure way to shed off pounds. By replacing high-calorie drinks or alcoholic beverages with plain or sparkling water, you can automatically reduce your daily calorie intake by a significant amount.

You may not realize it, but many everyday beverages contain well over 150 calories per can or bottle.

Here are just few you may recognize or even find in your fridge!

• 20 oz Coca-Cola bottle: 240 calories

• 281 ml Starbucks Frappuccino Mocha Coffee Drink: 180 calories

• 16 oz Snapple Peach Tea: 160 calories

• 16 oz Cocktail Cranberry Juice: 274 calories

• 12 oz beer: 155 calories

• 7 oz red wine: 175 calories

Now how many of these glasses, bottles and cans do you normally drink?

Two, three or even four?

Just by saying NO to bottle beverages and alcohols, you can cut down at least 300-400 calories a day. Drinking water has also been said to speed up metabolism.

Additionally, numerous research studies have found that people who drink more water tend to consume fewer calories overall. According to a SFGATE article, Does Drinking Water Make You Slim Down? by Melodie Anne, drinking a few glasses of water 30 minutes before every meal reduces calorie intake by up to 75 calories. That’s because water makes your stomach fuller and cleaning your plate less tempting. Frankly speaking, drinking water before meals is not an exciting weight loss trick to get yourself into, but if you manage to do twice a day, you are looking at upwards of 150 calories slashed from your calorie daily intake, which results in more than 15.6 pounds of weight loss over a year period. Now, that’s something to get excited for!

In all cases, drinking more water can promote weight loss by lessening daily calorie consumption, increasing fullness and satisfaction and (possibly) speeding up metabolism. The good news is, you don’t have to drink flat or plain water. You can carbonate your water to make it more fun and bubbly! Better yet, adding a slice of lemon, fresh ginger and/or a pinch of cayenne pepper is proven effective to boost digestion, energy and reduce bloating.

Drinking 8 glasses of water is a good start, but according to some new studies, the appropriate amount of water people should drink depends on their body size.

Here is how they said you should calculate your goal water intake. Your current weight x 0.5 = the number of oz of water you should drink on a normal day. On a high activity day (workout day if you are to add workouts to your weight loss) Calculate your daily water intake using the following calculation. Your current weight x 0.75 = the number of oz of water you need to drink on a workout day

Step 3: Drink Green Tea:

Love to drink something other than water? Drink green tea!

Green tea is known to be one of the healthiest beverages that promotes weight loss. It is in fact considered as one of the superfoods by many health experts. According to ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association), drinking decaf green tea for 4 weeks lead to 1.63% reduction in body fat and boosted total fat oxidation by almost 25%.

It’s also worth noting that the study group used “decaf green tea” to measure the effectiveness exclusive to green tea itself, not caffeine. With caffeinated green tea, you may even see a greater fat burning impact as caffeine is said to spike up metabolic rate.

Why? It’s because green tea is loaded with antioxidants and other health substances that help break down the fat cells and release them into the bloodstream for effective fat burning.

Simply put, they help metabolize fat, boost fat burning hormones and promote fat and weight loss.

Step 4: Use the Stairs:

You don’t have to exercise to stay active and elevate your body’s metabolism. Anything that keeps you moving can help you burn extra calories and lose more weight. Taking the stairs instead of using an elevator or escalator for example is a sure way to burn extra calories and stay active. It’s a low impact activity that almost anyone can do, yet its effectiveness is often underestimated by many.

So be sure to take advantage of this great fat burning activity whenever you see stairs. Walking up the stairs burns a lot of calories and can help you slim down and strengthen your legs as it’s a great aerobic activity that engages your glutes, hamstrings and thigh muscles to move your legs vertically.

Even better, if you are carrying grocery bags, they function as added loads and burn even additional calories. To give you an example of how many calories it can really burn: here is a typical scenario. An average woman of 150 lbs burns up to 137 calories in 15 mins by stair climbing. If the same lady is holding a couple of grocery bags, it increases the calorie burn even more.

Step 5: Walk Anywhere Within 20 Block Radius:

Trying walking everywhere you can. Even better, make a rule to yourself that you’ll walk if it’s within 20 block radius. Make driving an alternative for emergency and save it for tight schedule days. It’ll not only save you some gas money but also help you keep a doctor away by promoting overall health including weight loss.

If you are just going for a grocery store, treat it as a nice walk around the neighborhood. Better yet, call up a neighbor and make it a time to catch up. According to LiveStrong.com, a 130 pound woman, walking at a moderate pace (walking the dog type of pace) can burn 120 to 140 calories per hour.

With brisk walk at a pace of 3.5 mph or walking uphill, the same person can burn up to 240 calories per hour. Besides, walking outdoor is a great way to get outside, enjoy a breath of fresh air and get some sun, which helps you with your mood and energy level. Aside from burning calories to help you shed off pounds, walking offers many great benefits, such as improving your fitness level, lower blood pressure and raise your production of HDL or “good” cholesterol.

According to ScienceDaily, it also lowers the risk for heart disease. There are a couple of additional tips you can easily implement lose more weight without exercising: Plan ahead. Fill up your fridge with healthy foods to stay away from hard-to-avoid temptations. Getting grocery shopping right is a first step towards weight loss success and gives you more control over what you eat and what you don’t eat.

That’s because healthy foods tend to be lower in calories and more packed with nutrients that slow down digestion, even falling for snack temptations won’t damage your weight loss as much as when your fridge is filled with off limit unhealthy choices. Another great weight loss accelerating habit is writing down and taking notes. Women’s Health Magazine reported that women who keep a weight loss journal lose double the weight of women who don’t.

It’s surprising how little things slip out of our minds and how a little piece of peanut butter cookie your co-worker brought in doesn’t register in our brains as “added calorie intake”. By writing down everything you eat, you become more aware of your actual food intake and don’t always have to rely on not-so-reliable memories.

Better yet, keep track of your calorie intake as you write down to get a better read on your daily calorie consumption. Just by adding a few changes to your diet and everyday activity and lifestyle changes can have a dramatic impact on your weight loss and health.

If your stress is high, it’s something to pay attention to. Try Meditating and practicing simple yoga in the morning to center your thoughts, create positive energy and prepare for your day to combat stress better the rest of your day.